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Audio Drama Review


Bernice Summerfield
Glory Days


Starring: Lisa Bowerman
Big Finish Productions
RRP: £10.99
ISBN: 978 1 84435 420 7
Available 30 June 2009

Academic and adventurer Bernice Summerfield has always taken a dim view on grave robbers and thieves. It’s the kind of thing that makes life difficult when you're friends with one of the galaxy’s most wanted criminals - a situation that gets even more complicated when that criminal’s other half is the father of your son. A mess of twisted relationships like that needs sorting. The ideal method would be group therapy and a nice cup of tea. Unfortunately, a raid on an impregnable location governed by a sociopathic mastermind where one false move means death is all they’ve got time for...

In this story, which kicks off the tenth season of Professor Bernice Summerfield’s adventures with Big Finish, Benny (Lisa Bowerman) finds her past catching up with her, in the formidable forms of Bev Tarrant (Louise Faulkner) and Adrian Wall (Harry Myers), each of whom have been absent from the series for about a year. Both are physically and mentally scarred from their experiences with Irving Braxiatel (Miles Richardson), who also appears by means of flashbacks and such.

However, the series is continuing to steer clear of the Braxiatel Collection for now, and there remains a great spirit of adventure, which prevents Glory Days from getting bogged down in emotional baggage and back-story. Nick Wallace’s tale is a heist caper, in which Bernice, Bev and Adrian pool their resources to break into and bring down a seemingly impregnable financial institution. Peter Summerfield (Thomas Grant) appears only briefly.

The current economic recession and general ill-will towards bankers informs some of the script’s more satirical moments, though most of the humour is generated by a clone of Benny, who highlights some of the contradictions the character has exhibited through her various authors over the years.

Worth a listen? You can bank on it.


Richard McGinlay

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