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Cradle Will Fall


Starring: Colleen Porch, Joel Bryant and Ridhe Canipe
Momentum Pictures
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: 18
Available 10 August 2009

Living on a farm might seem like an idyllic setting, but while her husband’s job as a truck driver keeps him away from his family much of the time, a young mother is left to cope with all the rigours of running the home and catering to the needs of her ten year-old son and his younger brother and sister, as well as a baby which demands constant attention. Already suffering with deep depression, it all becomes too much when her husband returns but can only stay one night. Her mind finally snaps and she embarks on a series of deranged attacks on her own children...

The plot of this film is said to be loosely based on the true story of a Texan mother who drowned her five children in the bath in 2001. As if that premise isn’t bad enough, the theme has been greatly exaggerated here so that it is effectively a psychotic rampage or slasher, with the oldest boy attempting to protect his younger brother and sister in and around the home. It’s unlikely that many people will purchase this DVD without at least some prior knowledge of the premise, but I came to this movie cold and for at least fifteen minutes into the running time was still waiting for some outside element to come in and disrupt the family’s life. To discover that the catalyst comes from within was frankly a disappointment.

The characterisation of Cradle Will Fall is rather curious, to say the least. I’m not encouraging over-acting, but nobody displays any great outward emotion. The mother is understandably downbeat throughout, but even when she’s trying to sound sweet to mislead her siblings it comes across as rather flat and unconvincing. Jimmy, the ten year-old boy similarly begins the film rather expressionless, but grows into his role. Most convincing of all are the younger brother and sister. Even though they know their mother is sick and they have witnessed her committing certain atrocities, they still hesitate in the act of being persuaded to run away by Jimmy. They are frozen with indecision; after all, this is their mother, the one person they should be able to rely upon. Worst of all, however, is the father. He arrives home in his truck to see the house engulfed in flames, and simply stands and watches as if it's a particularly dull firework display.

A competently made film but with very little conviction to carry it through.


Ty Power

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