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Desert Punk
Volume 5 - Under the Desert


Starring (voice): Chihiro Suzuki, Tomoko Kotani, Chiwa Saito and Jiro Saito
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 05 October 2009

The Penultimate volume of the series filled with sarcastic put-downs, explosive action and, naturally, plenty of lechery and lewdness. On an underground mission, the Punk and his apprentice confront faces from their past. Shockingly, everyone has been in on a deceptive scheme that completely blindsides Desert Punk. Will he now finally fight the good fight...?

Desert Punk (Sunabōzuis) is based on Usune Masatoshi's manga series. Volume 5 features episodes 17-20 of the 24-episode series and is directed by Takayuki Inagaki (Black Cat), with character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Ninja Scroll; Slayers; Trigun).

In today's politically correct society Desert Punk is either a breath of fresh air or a relic of the past depending on your point of view. Relying heavily on Benny Hill style innuendo, mainly centring around Desert Punk's obsession with large breasted women, the series is a bombastically comic celebration of juvenilia, filled as it is with sarcastic put-downs, explosive action and plenty of lechery and lewdness.

Volume five contains another four episodes:

Junko and Pursuer: Junko tracks down Desert Punk as she wants his help to avoid getting married. Desert Punk agrees on one condition - Junko will be his afterwards. She declines, but tells him if he can win her heart properly she will do any sick, twisted thing his perverted mind can conjure up. Junko's pursuer, Tech, has the latest desert suit - a prototype that is so advanced it isn't on the market yet. How can Desert Punk hope to be Junko's saviour?

Frustration and Despair: Tech has managed to capture Junko and get away from Desert Punk. However three other mercenaries are on Tech's trail - and are after the prototype suit - they work for the company Tech stole his suit from and they all have prototype suits, but more advanced versions. If they are to survive this situation Desert Punk and Tech must work together.

Above and Below: Junko is captured by the government for industrial espionage and Desert Punk sinks into a depression as now he won't be able to win the girl and have his way with her. Desert Punk discovers both the head of an archeological dig and then Junko's brothers - both parties searching for Junko. They all team up to look for her.

Reverse and Handy: Deep in the underground compound, the team are attacked by two robot warriors. Desert Punk tells Kosuna that her training is complete and she is now a fully fledged mercenary. Her first job is to defend the front entrance of the building while he guards the rear entrance. But when Desert Punk appears to have been killed by one of the robot guards, Kosuna decides to go back inside to help her master. Unfortunately before she can do so the facility explodes. Was Desert Punk killed by the robot? And if not surely he didn't escape before the compound exploded.

Extras include Yuka Special Interview (9 min, 42 sec interview with the singer of the show's new opening theme); Desert Punk Radio - Final Show Taping Footage (15 min, 25 sec); textless opening and closing titles; and trailers for other releases.

Another great collection of episodes which won't disappoint fans of the series.


Darren Rea

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