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Need2Soul V.02


Artist: Benji B & Glenn Underground
RRP: £13.99
Available 19 January 2009

Need2Soul started life as a basement club night playing the very best in deep house. They have held parties at the Big Chill Festival, Cargo, Fabric and East Village and have been regulars at Canvas and The Key to name a few.

As these nights were hugely popular and always had the best DJ’s spinning, Need2Soul have developed their own record label of the same name compiled with tracks from the vast amount of unreleased tunes their guests played.

Need2Soul V.01 was the debut album compiled by house dons Ron Trent and Jerome Sydenham in June 2008. Need2Soul v.02 is compiled by Benji B and Glenn Underground and has a wide variety of tunes ranging from soul, jazz, disco, funk and African beats all set within the house style.

Benji B compiles CD 1 were we start with the Celestial choir with ‘Stand on the Word’. This track, for me, was a fantastic opener, and I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Unfortunately the next four tracks were a huge disappointment; they are repetitive and just didn’t do anything for me. They are bland house beats that reminded me of a night out clubbing when you are one of the first people to turn up and the DJ is just doing his thing; nothing to dance to but just waiting for the hip tunes to set in.

I was slowly losing all hope for this compilation when track 6 ‘You Don’t Know’ by Serious Intention kicks in. At last there was life on this CD again. It has a fresh beat, rhythm and good melody.

From here on in this CD delivers nothing but good tracks. Benji B mixes the next three tracks, which are heavily African sounding and Track 8 ‘Love Ritual’ by Cerone is especially good. This tune takes you to Africa as if you are there amidst the singing, drumming and dancing.

Moving on Benji B takes us to some good fast track house beats but they still have a hint of African sound within the drumming and percussion that is used.

Finally we hear the underground soul of Yew with ‘Where Would You Be’ and Jimmy Abney with ‘Come Go With Me’. These tracks are slow, strong and a fantastic way to leave CD 1.

Glenn Underground mixes CD 2. He opens with ‘A Swell Session’ by Swell Session. I think this is an apt titled track for CD 2 as Underground’s CD is definitely just this. Throughout Underground’s compilation there runs a smooth 70’s sound, which is reminiscent of the tunes in the 70’s TV movie Shaft.

There are two tracks on here by Underground himself. The first, Track 3, ‘Mental Fusion’, has a nice fast beat and is light funk. His second is Track 5, ‘Indians and Bagpipes’. This has a good strong beat with African tribal sounds running throughout it.

Moving on to Track 6, ‘Summer Daze’ by Nick Holder, we are still hearing a light and refreshing sound. This tune reminds me of hot summer days. It’s a good beat, and good to hum along to. Track 8, ‘Blow’ by Fini Dolo is a more funky house Jazz sound. I particularly like the vocals on this track; they are more of a whispery talk than singing.

As this CD goes on the sounds get deeper and housier. By the time we get to the last three tracks on this CD, Underground feels he can let us in to experience the heavy house sounds. Track 11 ‘Luv 4 Money’ by BLVD EAST & LOUiE “Lou” Gorbea and Track 12 ‘J.A.N.’ by Kenny Dixon Junior do just this. The music becomes darker even though it still has a hint of 70’s funk running through it.

Putting both CD’s together I find this a great compilation from Need2Soul. Benji B and Underground have definitely put their mark on these discs. Although CD 1 was a little unsure to begin, by the end it left me wanting more, always a good thing. As for CD 2, I couldn’t fault it.


Helena Rea

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