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Ghetto Bass


Artist: Hervé
Music Response Records
RRP: £14.99
Available 02 February 2009

The man also known as The count has been one of the biggest names in Dance Music over the last few years, ripping shows everywhere from London to Berlin and Japan. He now releases his debut mix album, a 36-track compilation that covers all bases of modern bass culture. Skream, Darqwan, Chase and Status and Buraka Som Sistema are to offer grooving sub and punishing beats, but he also includes some surprising tracks, from Bloc Party to Kidda and through to his own mix of Chemical Brothers ‘Salmon Dance’.

This two-disc album has a mixed array of dance tunes. From old skool beats and rave tunes - with the opening track on disc one, ‘Get Down’ being very reminiscent of some old styling rave - right through to punky pop tunes in track 9 ‘Mercury’.

The good thing about having so many tracks on any one album means you will surely find some good tunes amongst the bad. On CD one there are quite a few tracks with a hip-hop theme and beat to them. Especially track 3 ‘Let There be Light’, I thought the rave tune went really well on this one.

Then there are tunes like track 7 on CD one, ‘Gay Dentist’, I couldn’t help thinking the CD had got stuck and in the end I had to skip onto the next track.

CD two is much the same, with a bit of eastern music and Indian music thrown in.
Track 10 ‘ Eastern Jam’, has a great mystical feel to it, and track 3 ‘Rumours and Revelations’, has the sound of pan pipes and is much lighter than the rest of the album.

I think my favourite track on CD two has to be track 14 ‘ Where’s my Money’, just purely for the comical factor of the vocals.

All in this entire album has a little something for everyone, good for listening to when getting ready to go out.


Helena Rea

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