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I Want That (single)


Artist: PSAPP
Domino Records
RRP: £2.99
Available 30 March 2009

PSAPP (pronounced "Sap") are Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant. The band claims to own a veritable junk shop heaven of arcane musical instruments and 'sound emitters' that range from gleaming pianos and instruments and pot-bellied ouds to children's xylophones, dusty retro guitars, farmyard noise-makers, mechanical ashtrays and squeaky rubber poultry. It is this collection of instruments that have led to critics heralding the band as being the pioneers of a new genre - which has been dubbed 'toytronica'.

'I Want That' is taken from PSAPP's latest album The Camel's Back. To be perfectly honest I'm a little surprised that this was released as a single. While it's a good track, it's b-side material at best.

Unfortunately the CD we received for review only included 'I Want That' so I can't comment on whether additional tracks will be included on the final CD.

While this is still an enjoyable track, it's nowhere near as catchy as other tracks on the album - like 'Somewhere There is a Record of our Actions', 'Fix it' and 'Mister Ant'. Personally I'd ignore this single and buy the album instead. But, for completists this is still a worthwhile purchase.


Darren Rea

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