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Person for the Person (single)


Artist: Truckers of Husk
My Kung Fu
RRP: £2.99
Available 13 April 2009

'Person For The Person' is the new single from Cardiff Math-Rock Quartet, Truckers Of Husk.

The intro for this single gets the track off to a bad start. The lyrics "person for the person" are repeated over and over again, which gets very annoying and sounds like a scratched record. Then at 1 min, 25 secs it changes - the vocals stop and percussion and guitar come in, which has a slight African feel to it. The vocals are once more added but sound much better. The song feels like it has been stripped down to its roots only to be built upon.

With what seems now like the foundations being laid, the single begins to work up to a great but simple end, with percussion, guitar, brass and vocals. The ending to the track is so simple, the use of brass alone, that it makes it an emotional finish.

This single should have started at 1 min, 25 sec, and then it would have had an impressive intro rather than that of an annoying repetitive start.


Helena Rea