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Artist: Dubterror
Universal Egg
RRP: £12.99
Available 25 May 2009

From the age of 13, Dubterror has been involved in promoting music events and performing with the sound collective Miraflowers in his local native town, Turin, Italy.

After joining the local music scene he realised just how big the craving for creative spaces was amongst the Italian youth. The motivation behind him becoming a successful music producer is the struggle against a grey impersonal society and this plays a central role in establishing his musical identity.

The self-titled debut album is crammed full of sonic delights that are clearly roots inspired sounds of the past and digital, futurist sonics.

What I did notice about this album is that there are 13 tracks on it. Upon closer inspection 4 out of the 13 tracks are in fact short interludes. This is a little disappointing as you’re only getting 9 full tracks. Having said that the full 9 tracks you do get are all worth it.

A lot of the tracks on this album have a distinct French feel to them, 'Shinobi' has a cool and collected slow reggae beat with the hint of French style music running throughout. Nearing the end of this track Middle Eastern sounding vocals come in. This is really well mixed with the reggae beats, I can’t help but feel that there might be a message of peace for us here.

'Technology' opens with some French influences before turning to cool sonics and then the relaxed reggae head-nodding beat settles in.

I love the African sounding drums playing in the background in 'Push The Tempest By'. It gives it a very free relaxed feeling to the track. Again, throughout this song there are French style sounds running through it.

A good fun style song on this album is the very last track, 'Tetradis Dub'. All the way through it has the melody of the old infamous Tetris game. Sometimes it is well hidden in between the reggae beats and sonic futuristic sounds but nonetheless it is there.

'Turn The Tide' is another great track on this album. I love the vocals on this and the dub is to die for. Mix this with the steady reggae beat and some sonic delights and you have the ingredients for a great sounding track. Superb!

If you have not encountered this style of music before then this is a great place to start. It’s easy on the ears and gets you feeling at one with the music.


Helena Rea

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