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No One Had it Better (single)


Artist: King Creosote
Domino Records
RRP: £2.99
Available 17 August 2009

Kenny Anderson, known primarily by his stage name King Creosote, is an independent singer-songwriter from Fife, Scotland.

In 1995, Anderson launched his own label, Fence, alongside Johnny Lynch and began recording albums under the name King Creosote (KC).

‘No One Had It Better’ is KC’s second single taken from his recently released album Flick The Vs.

The ‘Bullion Remix’ opens with pulsating synths and some heavy drop down beats. The vocals are heavily synthesized but this adds effect to the overall single. At times it sounds a bit messy but this can be forgiven, as on the whole it is a good sounding tune.

The second mix on this single is ‘KC’s Bullion Remix Squared’. This starts softer and the beat is very much tribal sounding. I prefer the vocals on this track, as they are more true to the original track on KC’s album.

On the whole these two remixes are full of life and don’t stray too far from the original version, which I like.

These remixes are charged with life and will bring ‘soul’ to any party.


Helena Rea

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