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No Games


Artist: Manny Moscow
Bish Bash Records
RRP: Free
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Available 11 September 2009

Manny Moscow is a London rapper who has been busy in the mix-tape game this year. Having already released 4 mix-tapes in just six months Moscow is back and this time he is teaming up with the award winning DJ Ames to bring us yet another mix entitled No Games.

With eighteen tracks on this tape there are plenty of tunes to choose from. Unfortunately the majority are quite short.

As always I love the London rapping accent, it has that rough, reel feel to it. Unfortunately though I did get a little tired of the 'This is Manny Moscow' 'This is DJ Ames' in that well known Tim Westwood stylee voice. Funny enough I can remember who I'm listening too and don't need reminding every two minutes.

Having just reviewed another mix-tape from a different artist with pretty much the same music I was looking forward to listening to this.

I feel let down by this mix-tape. There seems to be too much attitude and yeah I know Hip hop is renowned for its attitude that it carries but this is like real attitude and to be honest it doesn't do it for me.

This is a really disappointing effort, I just hope that his debut album, which is due for release in 2010, shows off Moscow's work in a better light. Maybe five mix-tapes in one year is too much and all the enthusiasm has gone.


Helena Rea