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Parallel Uni-Verses


Artist: Del the Funky Homosapien and Tame One
Gold Dust
RRP: £12.99
Available 13 October 2009

Del The Funky Homosapien and Tame One have come together to release Parallel Uni-Verses, their new album by Parallel Thought.

As well as releasing four solo albums and two group albums with Hieroglyphics, Del The Funky Homosapien has also featured on the Gorillaz' eponymous, platinum selling debut and Dan The Automator's sci-fi themed concept album Deltron 3030.

Tame One is known as one-half of the Artifacts, a graffiti writing hip-hop duo who were around in the mid and late 90's. Tame has also been a member of two underground super-groups: The Weatherman and the Leak Brothers.

Coming together this pair bring hip hop, rap and funk to life with their brand new album, Parallel Uni-Verses.

Unfortunately I'm a little unsure as to what is actually on the album itself. I only received a sample promo copy which contained just five tracks but the press release says there are 10 and 12 tracks on it (it wasn't really clear which was the correct number).

Having said this what I did hear I liked so its a shame I couldn't listen to a full album version.

'We Taking Over' is cool and sophisticated with a slow chilled beat. The melody reminds me of a 60s sounding TV show theme tune.

'Special' is more rap and doesn't have such a strong melody to it. The beat is still thumping though and is enough to get your head and toes tapping to. The scratching adds to the feel of the funkiness.

'Flashback' is quite dark with a cool background melody and the spitting on this track is to die for. Fantastic.

'I am...' opens with a really funky guitar and beat which carries on throughout. Again the spitting in this is effortless and just flows.

'Before This' is funky yet at the same time pure hip-hop. The plink plonk of the melody really fits in well. A cool and chilled tune.

I like what I heard of this album and would definitely like to hear more.


Helena Rea

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