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Someday (single)


Artist: Virgil Howe
3 Bar Fire
RRP: £3.99
Available 19 October 2009

Since the age of four, Virgil Howe has been writing and performing music. Howe’s influence came from his father who was the guitar legend Steve Howe of Yes. His first instrument being the Moog Synthesizer drew him to the insane bleeps and whirls that he could create at the touch of a dial.

Playing with the likes of The Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Ferry, Shawn Lee, Demis Roussos, to name but a few, Howe has made his name as a hard-hitting high-spirited musician.

‘Someday’ is the new single from Howe, which sees an epic remix by electronic duo Dadahack.

Opening with vocal echoes ‘Someday’ starts of quite euphorically but then the vocals begin and the guitar plays alongside. This is quite a simple sounding tune. At times I thought it was a little too simple as it sounds like something is missing.

The ‘Dadahack Remix’ intro. sounds like something taken from a sci-fi film. There are bleeps here and there and it even sounds like they have got R2-D2 from Star Wars to perform in parts of it. As this track progresses it becomes better. The synth comes in deep and strong and the beat seems to get stronger. Being 7 minutes in length though it’s a little too long for me.

I was hoping for something a little more compelling than this from Howe, it left me feeling quite flat.


Helena Rea

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