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Swim (single)


Artist: Oh No Ono
The Leaf Label
RRP: £2.99
Available 09 November 2009

Formed in 2003, Oh No Ono are a Danish band comprising of Kristoffer Rom (drums), Aske Zidore (guitar, vocals and samples), Nicolai Koch (keyboards), Malthe Fischer (vocals, guitar and samples) and Niss Svoldgaard (bass).

This band have been highly influential on the Danish music scene since the release of their EP 'Now You Know Oh No Ono' in 2005.

Oh No Ono are back again with the new single, 'Swim' which is taken from the album Eggs (to be released in February 2010). Interestingly enough, this single is only available as an audio and video download bundle which is exclusive to iTunes.

With a haunting sound this single is quite infectious; the more you listen the more you like it. This is a mellow tune with a soft and soothing beat. The strings and vocals leave you with a mysterious feeling.

Working up to a loud and busy melodramatic middle, with the use of percussion, bass, guitar and strings it then simmers down to a quite and gentle finale with piano and strings.

It took a few plays of this single to actually entertain the notion that I quite liked it. The vocals are dreamy sounding and transport you to another world.


Helena Rea

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Oh No Ono - Swim - Single
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