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Future Sound of Brasil


Artist: Various
BBE Records
RRP: £10.99
Available 16 November 2009

Bulldozer Media has been at the forefront of supporting and utilising Brazilian music and musicians on a global scale and in terms of travelling DJs and producers, the flow of Brazilian music over the past ten years has been growing at a rapid rate.

Future Sound of Brasil is a compilation featuring contributions from some of Brazil's biggest and brightest DJ's including Gui Boratto, DJ Marky, Anderson Noise and Renato Cohen.

Consisting of 12 tracks this album explores the sounds of electronic dance music from Brazil.

I was quite excited about this album and thought it would have some cool groovy exotic vibes. Unfortunately, this music could have come from anywhere in Europe.

The only tracks to have a hint of exoticness were 'Channel2', where there is a cow bell played in the background of the beat and 'Comme Ci Comme-a' where the vocals are quite enticing.

'Boom Da' is over the top with its sonic and the vocals are not inspiring at all, in fact they are very monotone in sound. This is bland bland bland.

'It-s Us' is about the only track I would want to listen to again. It's quite catchy and the vocals are quirky.

The remaining tracks are pretty much nondescript and sound much like any other electronic dance music.

This is a really disappointing album, I was hoping this music would transport me to fields afar but it was not to be. I don't see the point of highlighting where the music is from if there are no hints of the culture within it.


Helena Rea

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