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H.M. Armed Forces
Royal Marines Commando Desert Raiding Party Set


Character Options
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Ages: 5+
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Character Options new HM Armed Forces collection is designed to fill the significant void in the action figure market caused by the lack of authentic military-inspired toys. These new toys and figures however, bring something to kids never before seen as each and every item represent the true heroes amongst us - active servicemen and women - at a time when their own profile has never been greater. Representing the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, The HM Armed Forces toys will delight young boys, and their dads too with their totally authentic features; inspiring imaginary play while learning the roles of these brave men and women serving our country.

Characters Options new range of H.M. Armed Forces action figures are about as authentic as you can get for scaled down action figures that are also designed to be played with by young children. The manufacturer worked closely with the Royal Navy, Army and RAF to conceive and launch this range to ensure that all are scaled versions of the real thing, right down to their clothes and the equipment they carry.

The Royal Marines Commando Desert Raiding Party Play Set includes a desert camouflage quad bike; 10 inch articulated action figures; removable combined body armour and patrol vest; removable camouflage helmet; light machine gun and stand; and a pistol.

This toy was pretty durable and should withstand many hours of hard play. This is a high quality item which will certainly appeal to most young boys.


Nick Smithson

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