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Audio Book Review


A Guide to British Water Birds: Their Calls and Songs


Presented by: Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss
BBC Audio
RRP: £8.99
ISBN: 978 1 4084 2611 1
Available 08 April 2010

In the third of in the series of bird guides, following on from the Guide to British Garden Birds and the forthcoming Guide to British Woodland Birds, Brett Westwood is joined by birdwatcher Stephen Moss and wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson in an accessible, informative and entertaining guide to some of our best known water-loving birds...

A Guide to British Water Birds is packed with useful information and helpful tips that will appeal to both the complete novice and the experienced birdwatcher who simply wants to know more about water birds. Even if you're not a bird watcher, you'll spot some of the sounds on this CD and next time you're out for a day and you hear a bird calling you'll know exactly what it is.

As well as the familiar, there are also the bizarre. There are birds that make sounds like a fisherman's line, a stuck pig and a spike being driven into a rock. While you may never hear these in real life, it's interesting to be able to get a chance to witness what they sound like.

As with the previous release, Guide to British Garden Birds, the format of the programmes is casual and fun so that you feel as though you are learning things without them being shoved down your throat.


Nick Smithson

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