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Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law
Volume 3


Starring (voice): Gary Cole, Stephen Colbert and Peter MacNicol
Revolver Entertainment
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 12 April 2010

Once a second-rate superhero, Harvey Birdman is now a third-rate lawyer, with ailments and attitude to boot. Although he works at an upscale law firm, it’s not clear whether Harvey ever went to law school. He is, however, comfortable with top-notch legal jargon and isn’t afraid to use it. He even has a nice suit to give him that polished and professional look - even if he still insists on wearing his superhero get-up underneath. In volume three, Harvey continues to find himself representing animated heavyweights and demonstrating his vast expertise in fields like copyright law, criminal defence and civil litigation - or at least faking it really well...

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law: Volume 3 contains the final 13 episodes spread over two discs. As with the previous releases in this series, the episodes are not presented in their original broadcast order and represent episodes from season three and season four.

Highlights include:

Mindless: Mentok swaps a dog's mind for Spyro's and then can't remember where he's put Spyro's mind. Until he can find it, Mentok looks after Spyro and after swapping accidentally swapping Spyro's mind with an infant he asks Harvey to babysit.

Identity Theft: Yakky Doodle wants his old name back. This requires Harvey to photocopy some papers and so off he goes to Duplication Services. When Harvey accidentally insults the man who runs the photocopier (who is also master criminal The Duplicator) he gets his own back by making clones of Birdman. Harvey is also in court for a hearing on identity theft - the characters Shaggy (Scooby-Doo), Clamhead (Jabber Jaw) and Mr. Tinker (Speed Buggy) all appear to have the same identity.

Sebben & Sebben Employee Orientation: A very funny orientation video aimed at new employees of Sebben & Sebben.

Incredible Hippo: A spin on The Hulk story with Peter Hippo as the hulk - which is caused by accidentally swallowing the radio active faeces of Atom Ant.

Grodin: Stuntman Devlin is in court yet again when Bobby files another lawsuit against him after he swallows one of Devlin's defective action figures. Meanwhile, X the Eliminator seeks help in becoming more evil.

The Death of Harvey: Harvey is forced to retrial all of his previous cases when Mentok notices that his jurors have been the same for every single case. Harvey has one minute to retrial all 37 cases, before Mentok goes on holiday. X the Eliminator has a new machine to kill Harvey, but will he succeed?

Extras include Birdman Characters (32 sec); Final Record (a collection of behind the scenes videos shot in the sound booth); Comic Book; Deleted Scenes; Joke Timeline (which takes numerous running jokes and shows you them throughout the run of the series); and trailers for other shows.


Darren Rea

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