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Police Interceptors
Series One


Narrator: Christopher Fox
Presenter: Natalie Pinkham
Strike Force Entertainment / Cherry Red Records
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: E
Available 27 September 2010

Police Interceptors follows a hand-picked team of officers using the most powerful rally cars in the world to deny criminals the use of the roads. In their Evo VIIIs and Subaru Imprezas they are a force to be reckoned with as they clamp down on all sorts of crime in Essex. Backing them up is the state-of-the-art Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter with a top speed of of 162 mph. Kitted out with a powerful all-seeing camera it provides a much needed 'eye in the sky' for the Interceptors keeping tabs on fleeing cars, pinpointing hiding crooks and provides cover for dangerous operations...

Series one of Police Interceptors was originally broadcast as six episodes, on channel Five, between 09 May and 13 June 2008.

The pace never falters and the action never slackens with the Essex Police ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Intercept Team cracking down on road crimes as varied as driving whilst under the influence, driving whilst disqualified, dangerous driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone, failing to stop after an incident and driving without insurance, blonde Essex girl driving with number plate M TOO SXY amongst many, many more.

The most disturbing thing about this series is just how many individuals are on our roads drunk or on drugs, as well as how many people are driving without a licence, road tax, MOT, insurance, while being banned... or all of the above. From criminals to housewives, the police never know who they're going to come into contact with... It's a little worrying to see how many times, just on a hunch, the police pull over a driver to discover that they are driving illegally. And I couldn't help wonder why the government hasn't implemented harsher laws to take uninsured/non-road tax payers off the roads.

Disc one of this two-disc DVD set holds the six main shows, while the second disc is home to the special edition episodes. These go further behind the stories in the main show as well as allowing the programme's host, Natalie Pinkham, the chance to get up close with some of the gadgets and technology. If there was one criticism I did find Pinkham rather annoying at times - particularly when interviewing people, where she comes across as insincere.

Overall, an enjoyable series, but it will make you wonder who else is on the road the next time you venture out.


Nick Smithson

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