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The Last International Playboy (Region 1 Edition)


Starring: Jason Behr, Krysten Ritter, Lucy Gordon, Monet Mazur and India Ennenga
MTI Home Video
RRP: $24.95
Certificate: R
Available 14 December 2010

When New York urbanite playboy Jack Frost discovers that the love of his life and childhood sweetheart is to be married he sinks into a well of self despair. With his drinking increasing, and his behaviour becoming more erratic, his friends Ozzy and Scotch attempt to pull their friend back into the here and now, but Jack discovers that redemption and insight can be found in a young mind...

The Last International Playboy (2008) is the debut film of writer/director Steve Clark, who co-wrote the script with Thomas Moffett. The film received a good critical response at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival. The film stars Jason Behr, Monet Mazur and Krysten Ritter.

Overall this is a good first time film, by a new director, but it is not without its problems. Partly it is the central premise of a man who writes a book to impress a girl only to find his love unrequited, his personal angst leads him to bury his life in a series of one night sexual encounters with extremely attractive females, at this point the film loses most of its male audience.

What happens is a character study of a reasonably decent bloke who has lost his way, a motif which has been done before and generally done better. The inclusion of a number of professional models certainly makes the film look better, but makes his predicament almost unbelievable. Jason Behr does what he can to squeeze sympathy out of the audience, but he misses a certain edge which would make you believe that he was truly self destructive rather than just in need of a little growing up.

So, it’s not a bad film, but one which could have done with a little more edge and a lot more originality in its themes and characters. The finished product apparently comes with commentary and deleted scenes, but I only had the PR version which contained nothing. Likewise the sound and picture are likely to be better than the review disc.


Charles Packer

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