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Future Disco (EP)


Artist: Neon Circus
Jacket Pocket Records
RRP: £6.99
Available 18 January 2010

Mackinlay Smith and Dan Gooch are Neon Circus hailing form Leicester, UK. With nothing more than a guitar and a home PC, these two became music allies. Spending much time familiarising themselves with software and experimenting with new sounds and synthesisers they eventually got enough money to buy a small studio set where they moved out of a bedroom and into a garage attic which they still continue to work in.

After seeing the forming of and break up of a six piece band, Smith and Gooch carried on their work which saw them set up Jacket Potato Records and the completion of an album.

Future Disco is Neon Circus's debut EP which is released through their aforementioned record label, Jacket Potato Records. This EP has remixes from WIL.I.5 and Memberflex as well as the track 'Carry The Weight'.

'Future Disco' has a grainy, gritty sound giving life and depth to the song. Heavy with electronica, this tune grabs at you to listen and pay attention. The melody is pretty groovy and I love the scratchy vocals. If this is the future sound of disco then bring it on!

Backing up the title track is a slow funky beat in 'Carry The Weight'. This has a great scratchy guitar solo on the intro, and a head nodding beat to keep you in the groove. There is nothing not to like about it; it has soul, groove and a great beat inset with electronica.

The 'WIL.I.5 mix' is an upbeat dance version of 'Future Disco'. Heavily laden with bass this is a dub sound to get your freak on to.

Jungle and techno fans will love the 'Memberflex 2009 mix' of this track. It's fast, wild and in your face.

Watch out for the upcoming single 'Digit-izm' which has been signed to the new MTV series, Slips, and their forthcoming album later on in 2010.

This is certainly a band to listen out for.


Helena Rea

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