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Marlene (single)


Artist: Lightspeed Champion
Domino Records
RRP: £5.99
Available 25 January 2010

Devonte Hynes is better known as Lightspeed Champion and is a British Composer, songwriter and author. Although born in Houston, Texas, Hynes was raised in Essex, UK since the age of 2 but now resides in New York.

The name Lightspeed Champion was taken from a series of comic strips that Hynes drew whilst a teenager, in his school books.

Being an extremely talented young man we find him playing every single instrument on all three b-sides of his new single release, 'Marlene'.

'Marlene' is a vibrant mix of music from punchy punk rock to long drawn out melodies with some impressive arrangements. It's a fantastic blend and works really well together. I love this funky sound!

The 'Radio Edit' is just as good but that little bit shorter in length, although only by seconds.

'Concerto 2. “So Long! So Long!”' is certainly a classy piece. It's beauty, talent and suave all rolled in to one and knowing that Hynes played all of these instruments makes it pretty impressive too. Superb!

'69 Annee Erotique' is performed entirely in French, which adds to the romance and mystery of the song. Although a good tune, it's not a big hit like the previous two tracks.

Moving on toward a more Elvis sounding track is ' He's The Great Imposter'. Again, I'm not too keen on this song, It's just not as cool and vibrant as the opening tracks and it sounds a little naff to me.

'Tete Morte' is slow and dark, again this is performed in French. It's okay but the latter part of this single has really disappointed me.

I'm hoping that the forthcoming album is more of the 'Marlene' sound and not like the last b-sides on this single.


Helena Rea

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