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Wonderlust Bug (The Remixes)


Artist: Timo Garcia
Berwick Street Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 01 February 2010

Timo Garcia is back! 2009 saw the release of his debut album, Wonderlust Bug, and now here he is again, releasing Wonderlust Bug (The Remixes).

The original LP took us on a journey of Garcia's travelling experiences around the world. We were introduced to the Hang Drum (a sonorous, deep, bell-like instrument) and Manu Delago (a skilled player of the aforementioned drum). It was an LP to dance the night away to in the clubs or on the contrary to listen to at home.

Opening with Timo's Balearica Remix of 'The Hang Drum Track' we are transported once again to the unique talents of Manu Delag whose drum/bell percussion rings out throughout this track creating a feel of exoticness and a place to escape from everyday stresses, within the beat.

The rest of the album is catered more to the clubbing sounds than for being at home and there is a really good vibe from these remixes.

The Lützenkirchen remix of 'Magic Roundabout' is clean and fresh sounding with some wicked dub thrown into the mix. This is more of a club warmer whilst waiting for the bigger hits to appear on the dance-floor.

'Wonderlust' by James Harcourt has an infectious intro, with a short sharp beat to die for, add to this the delightful sounds of percussion and the melody playing quietly in the background and we have a chart climbing club stopper. At over 8 minutes in length there is enough for anyone to get their teeth into. Head dizzyingly good.

I love the version of Kupper's Tokyo Bliss Mix of 'The Hang Drum Track'. There is nothing better than to hear great music to get your hips grooving to whilst being transported to somewhere exotic.

'Swing Thing (Fool4U) ft Sam Obernik' is the Jenkinsound VIP remix. This is a fun upbeat track with sounds of the future mixed with that of the past. The vocals, with the old style honky tonk piano, are great and add depth to the whole tune.

Moving on to CD2, which is more house focused, doesn't disappoint.

'Magic Roundabout (Daybreak) ft Amber Jolene' offers a funky sound and Jolene's vocals are extra sexy on this track.

Reuben Keeney's remix of 'Swing Thing' is still bright and fun, minus the vocals. Heading toward the middle the melody comes out and you can imagine hundreds of girls tap dancing to the song on stage. I love this funked out version.

The popping and claps of the beat to John Gurd's 'Wonderlust' remix really brings the song alive. The percussion is to die for and adds so much depth to an already great sounding tune.

'Boom' the DJ Pierre Afro-Acid remix is a futuristic sonic track, pushing the boundaries of this genre to its limit. It's a head nodding crowd pleaser and I'm sure will see many on the dance floor to get the parties in full swing.

Usually when I see releases like this I run a million miles and would never think of buying. I always thought it was laziness, bringing out an album with the same songs as the last but in a remix stylee. I couldn't be more wrong with Garcia's efforts. These are tracks to hold their own and get your groove on to.


Helena Rea

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