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Elm (single)


Artist: Dark Room Notes
BBE Music
RRP: £1.99
Available 05 March 2010

Dark Room Notes are a four piece band that started life as a group of guitar obsessed teenagers, coming from the West of Ireland.

Growing ever older, music tastes and ideas changed between the members and most left to pursue careers in other areas. It was left to the founding members, Ruairie Ferrie and Ronan Gaughan to keep this band alive. Machines were used to replace existing members but they soon realised a few extra hands would make light work which was when Arran Murphy (keyboards) and Darragh Shanahan (drums) came to complete Dark Room Notes.

DRN have, over the last year, been busy recording their debut album, working with Flood (Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins) and also supporting bands such as Kraftwerk, Ladytron, Calvin Harris, Soulwax and Carl Craig.

Boyzone and Westlife this band are not! They may come from Ireland but that is where the similarities end - thank goodness! Dark Room Notes are more of your rock-pop band that are cool with an edgy feel to them.

Their new single 'Elm' is a sophisticated tune and has a sound not unlike The Cure. The beat is strong with a good melody and vocals to match. While not a sound to get up dancing to, it's definitely one for the collection.


Helena Rea