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Magical (single)


Artist: Lady Daisey
BBE Music
RRP: £5.99
Available 07 May 2010

Lady Daisey is the new face for BBE Records and once you hear her music you can see why they were quick to sign her up.

Having previously played different venues around the globe from small smoky joints to big fiery hip-hop festivals Daisey's message is the same; love and inspiration to all. Singing since the age of 5 Daisey sure knows how to use her soulful tones and seems to turn everything she sings into bright playful sunshine.

'Magical' is the new digital single taken from the upcoming album In My Pocket. It includes remixes from DJ Vadim, Supa Dave West (of De La Soul fame), Paten Locke and Batsauce.

The original single itself has a fresh, bright sound, bringing happiness and soul to the ears and heart of everyone who listens.

The 'Butterfish Black Mix' takes on an edgier tone yet still keeps its soulful vibe running throughout.

Unfortunately, we were only given tracks 1 and 3 for review which is a shame as I would have liked to comment on the other mixes too.

As it stands though, this is a quality single (even if only on digital release) and if the album is anything like I've just heard, I'll be first in queue for a copy.

This is a truly magical single!


Helena Rea

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