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Game Tight (single)


Artist: GSS (Galactik Sound System)
Seven Entertainment
RRP: £2.99
Available 07 June 2010

Watch out and move over for GSS (Galactik Sound System). Coming from the Midlands are four very talented artists, Malik, the lyrical legend from the well respected rap crew Moorish Delta 7, female emcee Kelly Ketz, Birmingham based rapper O.P and Hip-Hop siren Miss She She.

'Game Tight' is GSS's first single to be taken from their upcoming new album. It's hip-hop meets house meets techno, where all boundaries have been removed and the best of these genres have been fused together with an unmistakable urban vibe to their sound.

This single has an infectious tune which plays out with a cool swagger and bounce. It has attitude and holds its own with its pure sub-bass, deep bass fused synths and a catchy chorus played out with phat lead-lines.

With four versions of this single, 2 clean, 1 dirty and 1 instrumental, you'll certainly be bouncing to these tunes which are all available on MP3 Digital.

If this is a taster to their forthcoming album then I definitely want a piece of the action when it comes out.


Helena Rea