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Boohgaloo Zoo


Artist: Boohgaloo Zoo
Love Monk
RRP: £12.99
Available 05 July 2010

K'bonus and U-Gene are Boohgaloo Zoo, two veterans of the Belgium and Dutch music scene. After they met at the '10 Days Off' festival in Ghent they started exchanging music and it wasn't long before an album was in the making.

Their new album Boohgaloo Zoo is a wide mix of nu-disco, house, hip-hop and funk. With K'bonus adding beats and samples and U-Gene dropping the vocals and keys there isn't much room for anything to go wrong on this album.

'Found It' has a sexy nu-disco and hip-hop sound which works really well together. There is also an element of funk running throughout this tune. Love the style.

'Testify' has a cool beat filled with funk and soul - this is a song with a melody and is definitely one for the ubercool.

Moving on to a slower beat is 'Watch It', it's a cool and sophisticated song with hip-hop beats and spits mixed with funk.

'Come To This' has a fresh house sound with a bright beat and chilled out tone. Unwind to this beat with a cocktail or two.

Now 'No Joke' is pure funk and one for all those groovers, mix this with some hip-hop spits and what a tune! These guys have certainly hit the nail on the head with this one, it's cool with an element of fun.

Closing the album is 'Tonight' a heady bass tune with more funk and an element of house music.

Boohgaloo Zoo's sound is fresh and soulful with funky vibes and house beats to keep you going all night long but then what would you expect coming from a band whose name is funky and cool. Loving this style boys, keep it up.


Helena Rea

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