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Dead Leaf / Warriors Galactic (single)


Artist: ARP 101
RRP: £1.99
Available 26 July 2010

ARP 101 is the latest signing on Eglo Records which shows off its futuristic galaxy sound. The band is named after something complicated to do with tiny background galaxies apparently, which is way over my head.

They are here to announce the launch of their new tracks; ‘Dead Leaf’ and ‘Warriors Galactic’. Both of which are very sci-fi in sound and at times reminded me of the retro computer game soundtracks.

With a ghostly intro comes ‘Dead Leaf’ which soon turns into a very robotic sounding tune. It’s dry and has no feeling; this could have been so much more.

‘Warriors Galactic’ is a down tempo beat with a dark edgy feel to it. I can’t help think that if it were speeded up it might sound something like ‘Axel F’ from the Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack.

I have to say I don’t know where these tunes could be spun out, maybe at a sci-fi convention, but then I don’t think the audiences attending would appreciate this style of music either.


Helena Rea

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