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Artist: Truth
Aquatic Lab
RRP: £12.99
Available 23 August 2010

Truth is New Zealand’s greatest Dubstep export and is made of Andre Fernandez, Tristan Roake and Julian Van Uden. After always bumping into each other at the same gigs in the late '90s this trio decided to come together and start producing music. It was Mala (Digital Mystikz) that introduced the sound of Dubstep to them and with the style to their liking they began making Dubstep sounds.

Puppets is the brand new debut album from Truth and with it comes an array of melodies, vocals and spacious beats to get your ears around. In the words of Truth; “Puppets is an album which aims to give the listener a snapshot of the Truth sound as it currently stands. This is sub-oriented bass music, meant to be turned up loud!”

I expected this to be a fast paced, heart stomping collection of music but to my surprise all of the tunes are pretty chilled and laid back. The problem with this style of music is that, for me, it all merges together and it’s hard to find a tune that stands out.

Moving toward the end part of the album, there were just two songs that made me sit up and listen; ‘Legion’ with its cinematic tones, especially of the female vocals and ‘Wicked Vibe Broccoli’, not only for its title but there actually seems to be a little bit of a melody going on too, even if it is repetitive.

All in all, this is a CD to chill to or use as background music, not one for getting the party moving, unless you want it to move out.


Helena Rea