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Heart is Breaking (12 track EP)


Artist: Ty
RRP: £5.99
Available 30 August 2010

Ty is an International hip-hop artist hailing from the UK who, over the last ten years, has three critically acclaimed albums under his belt (Awkward (2001), Upwards (2003) and Closer (2006)), has collaborated with the likes of Tony Allen, De La Soul, Damon Albarn and Estelle and amongst other awards, has a Mercury nomination.

'Heart Is Breaking' is Ty's second single to be taken from his fourth album Special Kind of Fool. This is a mesmerizing catchy tune with great rapping lyrics from Ty which not only give the song depth but give it a cool rhythm. The female vocals add the finishing touch to this song and give it a jazzy swagger.

As with the first single ‘Emotions’, released from this album, there is an abundance of remixes (10 to be exact) to choose from. From funky techno beats in the ‘Funk Butcher Remix’ and club sounds from the Sinbad VIP Remix’ to the slow tuneful reggae sounds of the ‘Self-Taught Beats remix’.

As well as the 10 remixes of the single we are also treated to another two tracks. ‘Don’t Cry’ feat. Corey Mwamba has a reggae tune going on whilst ‘Moody’ feat Skandal-Joker Starr is, as titled, a dark moody tune full of attitude. Both are good songs which hold their own.

Once again Ty doesn’t disappoint and if you have liked him in the past you’re still going to like his own take on hip-hop beats.


Helena Rea

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