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Beautiful Losers


Artist: Losers
Gung Ho! Records
RRP: £10.99
Available 13 September 2010

Eddy Temple-Morris and Tom Bellamy are Losers. No I’m not dissing this pair but merely stating that they make up the band, Losers. The pair came together when their paths crossed unexpectedly and now they create a wonderful testament to their prodigious musical heritage.

Beautiful Losers is the new album to be released from Losers and with it comes some fantastic raves and reviews from the likes of Liam Howlett from the Prodigy: "This album is f****ing banging" and Pendulum’s Rob and Gareth have been quoted saying: "This is the kind of music we want to make!" With ratings like this we expect this album to really deliver.

The opening track, ‘Three Colours’, starts very slowly with monastery type chanting which introduces synth and futuristic warbles until the beat kicks in with some aggression. We are on a roll.

‘Flush’ is a dark energy filled hip-hop beat which really surprised me, for the good. The synth goes really well with the rapping vocals and I like the melody, it’s quite catchy with attitude.

The intro for ‘Azan’ could easily pass for a movie soundtrack, it’s innocent sounding and minimal which makes it so much bigger. There is a Middle Eastern/Asian vibe going on with this track and it works really well.

‘Talk To The Hand’ is a lively and freaky song full of energy and feel good tunes. This is really one for the dance floor and can see this being played in clubs up and down the country.

‘Summertime Rolls’ brings to an end this album of diverse club sounds. It’s a chilled song to bring you down from all the previous high energy tunes. I like this album for its diversity; there are dark tunes, chilled sounds, hip-hop vibes and pure dance anthems. A little something for everyone.


Helena Rea

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