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Bustin' Out 1983
New Wave to New Beat
Volume 3


Artist: Various
Year Zero
RRP: £2.99
Available 04 October 2010

Going back to the '80s in the club scene, we think of electronic instruments such as the drum machines and the synthesized bass lines. This was the era where music making no longer had to revolve around expensive studio time and instead could be created in the bedroom. This style became so popular that by 1983 the electronic scene was no longer a novelty and it was in fact everywhere; from kids’ TV to movie soundtracks.

Taking us back to some beloved sounds of the '80s is DJ Mike Maguire with Bustin’ Out 3: 1983. This compilation sees the likes of John Carpenter, New Order, Twilight 22 and Liquid Liquid, to name just a few of artists, spinning out some of their tunes.

Born in ’79, I missed the '80s boom in electronic music as I was more into playing with my Sylvanian Families than getting my groove on to the latest club hits. Although familiar with this style of music I have to say I am somewhat surprised at how slow and nondescript this CD is. The '80s music I remember was lively and full of energy.

The only songs here that actually have an upbeat tempo are right at the end of this album in Liquid Liquid’s ‘Optimo’ and Xmal Deutchland’s ‘Qual’. The rest of the songs mix into one and left me feeling tired and bored.

I have to say if this is what the majority of club music was like in the '80s then I’m glad I missed this era. I know people slate modern day hip-hop and R’n’B for being repetitive and the same old but give me that any day compared to most of the drivel on this CD.


Helena Rea

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