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Artist: Jack Sparrow
RRP: £13.99
Available 04 October 2010

Leeds Dubstep producer Jack Sparrow is one of the few producers who is capable of making the leap from hard-hitting 12” dance floor releases to full length albums. To prove just how good he is, he’s back on the scene to release his debut LP, Circadian. This follows on from his faultless Tectonic tribalistic anthems; ‘The Chase’ and ‘Terminal’.

Unfortunately, the review copy I received of this LP was on one long constant track making it unbearably hard to distinguish between the 11 tracks on offer. The opening track, ‘Loveless’, is an excitable song with soulful vocal chimes and the kick drum sits nicely under the melody.

The further on we get into this LP the louder and faster the tracks drums become more prominent whilst the melodies swirl around in a haze of futuristicness. ‘Exit’ is the last track on the album and moves us onto a slow and mesmerising departure.

This is a good album for all you lovers of Dubstep out there; it’s continuous in its beats and keeps the interest held by delivering a varied set of rhythms from raga-techno to deep house with a tribal side of dubstep.


Helena Rea

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