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Think Twice (single)


Artist: Bahar Canca and Matt Williams
Sub Bubble
RRP: £3.99
Available 12 December 2010

This was always going to be difficult for me; I’m not the biggest dance music fan in the world. Perhaps it’s an age thing, perhaps I’m too grumpy and disappointed with the world and what it has to offer. Basically I’m just one big misanthrope with a trend towards the gloomier sort of music. I have as much inclination to fill a dance floor in a sweaty club as I have to perform ill conceived circumcision operations wearing oven mitts on hulking, violent rugby players. With this in mind, dear reader, I was faced with two choices on reviewing this single and its two remixes: I could either listen to the disc (which I did anyway from a misguided sense of duty) and offer my opinion (it would have been limited to one short word) or I could rope in someone who knew a little bit more about the genre and could offer balanced opinions and a genuine sense of knowing what they were talking about.

With that in mind, I offer you, Joel Kingsley; work colleague and some time D.J. He also said he wouldn’t mind if I paraphrased a little.

According to Joel this is a very polished and well produced single. The vocals do provide a good foundation for a dance track. However, he added, the vocal on the rest of the track doesn’t really stand out and it lacks the energy or flair that might make it a floor-filler.

And it is the final word in that review by Joel that sums it all up really. I would never willingly use the expression “floor-filler”. Having listened to the tracks I have to agree pretty much with my esteemed colleagues comments.


Joel Kingsley and Dean Lester Smales

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