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BBC Archive Voices
Brian Clough
Interviews 1972 - 2000


Starring: Brian Clough
RRP: £5.49
ISBN: 978 1 408 49748 7
Available 26 September 2011

BBC Archive Voices: Brian Clough - Interviews 1972 - 2000 is part of the BBC Archive Voices series from AudioGO, which presents interviews with key figures in the fields of entertainment, sport, politics and literature. Selected from the archives of BBC radio and television broadcasting, they offer a chance to hear compelling conversations from years ago. Some of the most lively, entertaining and informative encounters in BBC broadcasting, many of these interviews have not been heard since their original transmission...

In interviews ranging from 1972 to 2000, Brian Clough talks about ‘the real Brian Clough’ - how he is perceived by other people; his bluntness and forceful opinions, and what makes him a good football manager. He also discusses the prospect of becoming an MP; his dream job; football hysteria and hooliganism; his childhood and mother’s death; and being imitated by Mike Yarwood. He considers what people may say about him after his death; buying football players and having managerial ability, as well as sport on TV; leaving Nottingham Forest, and his very public falling out with Peter Taylor.

For football fans, this audio book is well worth picking up and is certainly one of the better releases in the series. It's hard not to crack a smile when the man says - talking on the topic of communist Russia - that he dislikes communism, but that "My own sort of communism is fine". He also reveals that he hates dictators, but he would love to be the perfect dictator. But for me, the highlight was Parkinson pulling Clough's leg when he describes football as a simple minded game for simple minded people.


Nick Smithson

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BBC Archive Voices: Brian Clough - Brian Clough
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