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Audio Comedy Review


Ed Byrne
Crowd Pleaser Tour 2011


Starring: Ed Byrne
RRP: £9.99
ISBN: 978 1 908 57113 7
Available 24 November 2011

After the massive success of his last show Different Class, the master of observational comedy and Mock the Week regular is back with his new show. Exploring subjects and situations Ed finds maddening, Crowd Pleaser is a hilarious insight into Ed's life. Whether he is talking about his cat, cake or religion or fatherhood, Ed is always certain to deliver the laughs in abundance...

Crowd Pleaser Tour 2011 is an audio version of the DVD of Ed Byrne's 2011 UK tour. Byrne's distinct form of observational humour sees him discussing plumbers, nerds, meeting celebrities and being disappointed, what it's like being a new father and adopting a stray cat.

Fans of the comedian will love this release, as will those that enjoy observational humour. The gags come thick and fast and the links from one subject to the next are incredibly well laid out so that the comedy flows smoothly.

Sure, being observational humour, there are a few to areas that have been done to death by just about every comedian (being a new father and owning a cat) but it's Byrne's likable personality that allows him to carry it off.


Nick Smithson

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