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Audio Comedy Review


Milton Jones
Lion Whisperer Live


Starring: Milton Jones
RRP: £10.00
ISBN: 978 1 908 57123 6
Available 24 November 2011

Milton Jones - you know, the weird bloke with the shirts - has rounded up the very best of his dazzling one-liners in this recording bursting with all-new material. Guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter, and absolutely lion-free, you too can find out why the Guardian described Jones as the "Sultan of the Surreal", why he's won a string of major comedy, radio and stand-up awards and exactly who comedy website Chortle called "The best one-liner merchant in British Comedy" Clue - it's Jones...

This is the audio version of the DVD release of the Lion Whisperer Live. This release is a little odd as Jones appears to be trying out new general standup material under the guise of his grandfather character. So, whilst most of the show is full of Jones's usual dry one-liners, there's a large segment in the middle that sees Jones slip into a slightly different way of stringing together those one-liners. Could it be that Jones is finding it increasingly hard to write those unconnected one-liners and is attempting to parts of his act?

I've always thought that Jones was just using Steven Wright's act. I'm sure this is not the case and that Jones came up with the idea independently, but it's a very distinct style of comedy which you'll either totally love, or annoy the hell out of you.

For me, the problem with Jones's act is that his jokes, especially here, can be particularly hit and miss.


Nick Smithson

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