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Audio Comedy Review


Milton Jones Live
Universe Tour - Part 1: Earth


Starring: Milton Jones
RRP: £10.00
ISBN: 978 1 90857 122 9
Available 24 November 2011

Milton Jones Live: Universe Tour - Part 1: Earth is the audio version of Milton's live show which is also available to own on DVD. The idea is simple, Jones pretends to be visiting different parts of the world performing stand up that is relevant to wherever he is.

This works well as he starts the show in London, America, Australia, Holland and Russia, but it starts to flag a bit as he travels to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, China, prison, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Italy, Tehran, Transylvania, South Africa, a chicken farm, Germany, Brazil and finally back in London. The main problem is that as the show progresses he tells less and less jokes in each location, so we have one or two gags in some places.

But that doesn't really matter. If you're a fan of Jones's one-liner gags you'll love this release. There are new and old jokes throughout this CD, which should please his loyal followers.


Nick Smithson

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