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Graphic Novel Review

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Noche Roja (Hardback)


Author: Simon Oliver
Artist: Jason Latour
Titan Books
RRP: £17.99, US $19.99
ISBN: 978 0 85768 228 4
Available 22 April 2011

In the desert just south of the border, young women are turning up murdered. No suspects. No clues. And authorities seem uninterested in uncovering any. Is it only because the victims are poor workers in the local maquiladoras? Or does the mystery run deeper - and darker? When ex-private eye Jack Cohen is hired to find one missing girl, he is drawn back into the shadow world between North and South. And there, he must face the terrible tragedy in his past that he's been running from all these years...

Noche Roja is an interesting noir thriller. However, it does lean on a few too many cliches and the artwork suffers from the fact that it's not always completely clear what's going on. It doesn't help that the art is incredibly dark. While this looks mean and moody, it also makes it look like the artist was being lazy when it came to detail.

To be honest I thought that £18 was a little on the steep side for this graphic novel - especially when you consider that our American cousins are only paying $20 (about £12 with the current exchange rate).


Nick Smithson

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