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Mission Ft. Juakali (EP)


Artist: Memory9
Skanky Panky
RRP: £4.99
Available 17 January 2011

Milan's prodigious bleep freak Memory9 is back with ‘Mission’ Ft. Juakali, his new single on Skanky Panky Records, complete with remixes from Ninja Tunes veteran King Cannibal, glitch hop champion Mochipet and UK Funky scenesters SPR All-Stars. ‘Mission’ is a crushing piece of ragga-tronica, with slamming drum hits colliding with brooding basslines and distorted lead hooks...

Juakali brings his positive and unique vocal styles to this EP - which includes seven mixes - culminating in a huge anthemic chorus.

Memory9 a.k.a. Gadi Sassoon is a Milan-based producer who combines a virtuosic control of live electronics with organic musicianship to create truly intriguing music, influenced by the sounds of Modeselektor, Aphex Twin and Squarepusher as well as jazz and punk rock.

On the remix front, the King Cannibal take on Memory9's original is a floor shattering affair, stripping back the layers leaving huge drums that pin down cavernous bass and lead lines.

Direct from California, Mochipet’s interpretation is a stripped down affair leaving Juakali's vocals at the forefront accompanied by P-Funk synth licks and epic arpeggiated chorus.

On a UK Funky flex is the SPR All-Stars remix, where a tightly syncopated kuduru beat and growling bass synths switching between half-time swagger and full pace keep things moving.

This EP also includes the 'Radio Edit', 'Instrumental' and 'Acapella' versions.

Of course whether you enjoy this EP will depend very much on how much of a ragga-tronica fan you are. This is certainly one that any self respecting DJ should be playing as part of their club set.


Nick Smithson