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Significant Other (single)


Artist: Ideals
Intruder Records
RRP: £0.79
Available 28 February 2011

The new single from Ideals, 'Significant Other', has been available free to stream online for a little while, but will be available to download from 28 February.

Fronted by Andrew Major this band is based in London Town, where Major fills his days observing the subversive and filling up note books with the quirks of human beings. He then distills these notes into songs. His words are difficult and often provocative.

The story behind 'Significant Other' is simple and as old as time itself: "You were my girlfriend and now you are not. I am not happy". When this happens, as it invariably will to most, some just cry into their beer until it goes way. Others can be more reactionary, and is it reactionary that Majors finds more interesting.

Major's vocals are warm and welcoming and his lyrics offer depth to this age old problem. It's an interesting track that will be welcomed by Ideals's fans.

The single is produced by Ville Leppenan for Animal Farm.


Nick Smithson

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