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Words & Wars (EP)


Artist: Kakuzi
The Animal Farm
RRP: £5.99
Available 07 March 2011

Kakuzi are a new Avant-Pop group... which should be enough to turn the majority of potential fans off immediately. The last thing the music industry needs is another Avant-Pop group belching their creations into the world. But wait... Kakuzi have a very '80s feel about their music... which is interesting... momentarily.

The opening to 'Words and Wars!' sounded like a fantasy track (the sort of album that Waerloga are known for releasing). Sampled wind instruments, that sound the same wherever they are used, don't help this song. And it all sounds a little amateurish.

'No Excuses' features Nylon Sky. This is by far the best track on the EP... if you ignore the rather pointless '80s spectrum computer loading screen sound effects and other odd sampled effects.

'Words & Wars (Son of a Glitch Remix)' thankfully sounds nothing like the original, but it's still not a track I would want to listen to again.

The vocals on 'Sun Kissed Planet' are painful to listen to - and the whole track sounds like a naff theme tune to a soap-cum-drama called "Sun Kissed Bay" - I could have sworn that's what the lyrics warbled out.

And finally, to add insult to injury, the EP we received bares no resemblance to the actually MP3 selection available to buy on iTunes or Amazon. It looks like you can only by the single tracks 'Words and Wars' and 'Words and Wars (Son of a Glitch Remix)'. 'Sun Kissed Planet' is a separate EP release and 'No Excuses' doesn't appear to exist to buy.

Obviously this wasn't my cup of tea... and, other than the band's friends and close family, I'm scratching my head to come up with who this would appeal to.


Nick Smithson