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Creation of Your Mind (single)


Artist: Bahar Canca & Matt Williams
Sub Bubble Recordings
RRP: £3.99
Available 11 April 2011

Bahar Canca & Matt Williams return to their electronic roots to bring us 'Creation of Your Mind', a straight-up, technical house groove that permeates and delivers a feel good vibe through your speakers.

There's no funkiness here, just tickling synths and bottom heavy kicks scattered over this appeasing rhythm, before a short breakdown launches us into a dark-trance infused stomper.

This single contains three tracks; there's the original mix, the 'Luigi Rocca Remix' and the 'Dub' mix.

Those that know and love Bahar Canca & Matt Williams will know what they're in for... a pumping treat that doesn't let up.


Nick Smithson

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Creation of Your Mind - EP - Bahar Canca & Matt Williams
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