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Berlin 13


Artist: Federico Aubele
RRP: £12.99
ESL 173
7 951030 17320
Available 09 May 2011

Frederico Aubele returns to a smoky realm of acoustic guitar licks, heavy rhythms and sinister dub atmospherics for his fourth studio album, Berlin 13. The album pulls from the personal transformation Aubele experienced in his time living in Berlin and the vibe of a city strongly associated with electronic music.

Latino rock with an electronic slant may sound like an old pigeon hole... but Aubele turns this into an album that can be enjoyed by everyone. It's chilled out vibe is one to lay back and soak up.

The inclusion of the number 13 in the title refers to the tarot cards: the 13th card is Death. While many may draw a negative connotation with this card, it can actually signify a deep renewal and transformation in a person's life. So is this a new departure - a new shift in pace for Aubele? Well you decide, but there's no denying that this is an album you'll treasure.


Nick Smithson

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