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Watery Fable (single)


Artist: Rough Fields
Bomb Shop
RRP: £2.99
Available 06 June 2011

Rough Fields is the operating name of James Birchall. Recorded in January 2011 in a flat in Tottenham, 'Watery Fable' is a fictional tale about the two last living members of a made-up tribe, and their ultimate abandonment of their traditional land. It's a vague parable of letting go, non-entrenchment, fluidity and moving on...

... or so the press release states. To be honest I couldn't tell what on earth this was going on about. While far from being a terrible single, this is also far from being a must own one. For a song with a story to tell, I didn't feel immersed in any real narrative, nor warm to the music. This isn't the sort of track I could listen to for pleasure.

The second track, 'Watery Fable (Elias Linn Remix)' is more fluid and organic, and does away with the majority of the vocal track, but it's still not any easy listen.


Nick Smithson

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Watery Fable - Single - Rough Fields
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