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Flash! Lights (single)


Artist: Letters
RRP: Free
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Available 04 July 2011

Edinburgh’s five piece Letters caused quite a stir earlier this year when their dark cello pop, urgent melancholic vocals and ambitious rock instrumentation, saw their first double sided free single ‘Grand National / Pipe Dreams’ cause a buzz across the UK’s media and blogosphere.

Now Letters reveal their darker side on new release ‘Flash! Lights’. A slow burning anthem that sears itself into your brain though singer Michael Ferguson’s emotive refrain.

I have to come clean and admit that I wasn't overly impressed by this track the first time I heard it. Somehow it didn't feel right, something sounded a little off key. At first I thought it was Ferguson's voice that was rubbing me up the wrong way - maybe it was because you could clearly hear an accent and we're not used to hearing accents in songs these days. The tune sounded fine, but there was something I couldn't put my finger on. However, several listens later and I have no idea what my original concern was all about. The vocals sound fine and this is another cracking single from this band.

It's hauntingly beautiful and borders between folk, classical and the high end of the 'pop' scale.

Once again, the fact it's free is an added bonus - this is a single I'd gladly pay to own.


Nick Smithson