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Viento en Contra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Alfons Conde
Moviescore Media
RRP: £13.99
Available 05 July 2011

According to the press release for Alfons Conde's score for Viento en Contra this is the: "stuff you normally only hear in big Hollywood movies - think James Newton Howard, Jerry Goldsmith with a dash of John Powell and a sophisticated, elegant orchestral language that has a lot in common with John William."

On first listen I totally disagreed with this summing up. While it does have its moments ('Main Titles' is certainly in the vein of John Williams at his best, whilst 'The Escape' reminded me of Howard Shore's work on The Silence of the Lambs) there didn't appear to be much that really stood out and grabbed me.

However, on repeat listening the subtlety of the music began to grow on me. While I still take issue with the press release, I have to admit that Conde's score is quite magnificent in places. 'Kidnapped and Back at the Crime Scene' builds to a spine tingling peak and then trails off beautifully, whilst 'Entering Justino's Computer' is an action/suspense track with lots going on. 'Air Fight' is also noteworthy for it's Williams inspiration.

This is an interesting score, with much to recommend it. It works well as a relaxing standalone score.


Darren Rea

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Viento en Contra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Alfons Conde
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