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You as You (single)


Artist: Rough Fields
Kudos Records
RRP: £2.99
5 050580 557703
Available 08 August 2011

An experimental avant garde single, this is the third release from James Birchall under the name Rough Fields. Birchall creates brilliant lo-fi music from found sounds, his laptop and possibly witchcraft. Impossible to categorise he has somehow summoned up the essence of the last 3000 years using only noise. To analyse the music within would be to diminish its unquestionable power upon the listener. I feel it's vital that you approach this with both caution and with all receptors open.

Once these two painfully brief incantations are absorbed you WILL crave the album, due out this Autumn (2011). What effects the album will have on society as a whole I can only speculate. We are all in for a terrifying and exciting time, undoubtedly making the next evolutionary leap to a higher form of consciousness.

Uncannily Burchall has taken this all one step further by releasing 'You as You' on a hand crafted cassette. No one even has a cassette player anymore, let alone listens to cassettes. This is a master-stroke ensuring that only a few discerning fans will ever get to hear his music. A cult following based upon lies and hype is guaranteed. The only way he could've topped this strategy would be by coming up with a record cover but then never actually recording any music. A local band I know tried this to limited success, they made the mistake of performing a live gig.

It's probably worth buying the limited edition, hand crafted cassette as a cool object to keep. A totem for the nu-age ahead. Then take advantage of the newly revised copyright laws which now allow purchasers of music in one format to make copies for personal use in another (because no-one ever ripped CDS onto their MP3 players before - right?)

If not the two tracks are available for download but that would just be spoiling things.


Richard Arthur Bennett

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