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Can't Tie Me Down (single)


Artist: Hedoniacs
Fauna Records
RRP: £2.99
Available 15 August 2011

This is Hedoniacs debut single and, in my heart of hearts, I'm seriously hoping that it's either their last or that they get a new front man.

I can't fault the musical side of this release - the song sounds pretty catchy. However, Lewis's vocals (I think that's what the youngsters call them these days) leave a lot to be desired. He's already been championed for his unique sound... but I've seen a half-crazy, always plastered, tramp who would probably also sound as impressively "unique" given a microphone and an audience. To say Lewis can't sing is like saying an elephant can't fly

It would appear that the record label are embarrassed to be linked to them as for some unfathomable reason the press release we received had no mention of Fauna Records.

If you don't know how to end your single, then why not end on a burp. Hilarious... if you're a six year old. This band may be going places... but as far as I'm concerned the only place this MP3 single is going is in my bin.


Nick Smithson