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Ghost in a Shell


Artist: Screaming Soul
Emerging Species
RRP: £6.99
Available 29 August 2011

This is the debut album from the duo of Sandman and Ghetto Priest, recording as Screaming Soul.

Opening with a pessimistic spoken word reflection on the state of early 21st century life, there then follows Travis Bickle's 'Here is Man Who Would Not Take it Anymore' rant from Taxi Driver before Sandman lets rip with his own dark take.

Throughout, the album is a fusion of Sandman's raps and Ghetto Priest's reggae roots tinged sweet vocals. Where Sandman details the apocalyptic urban experience, Ghetto Priest sings of hope and spiritual enlightenment. Sandman is the disciple to Ghetto Priest's tribal elder. These two contrasting viewpoints coupled with a good choice of samples from films bring a balanced and organic feel to the album. The lyrics are rooted firmly in contemporary British culture and this album couldn't have been made anywhere else.

The music itself is a dense collage of dubby reggae, jazz and hip hop beats. The balance between the various elements works well and the whole creates a complex and thick layer of sounds. Whilst the tone of some tracks is dark the overall vibe is laid back and optimistic.

This is an independent digital only release from the two established veterans and as such it should be supported.


Richard A Bennett

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