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Valediction (EP)


Artist: David Lemaitre
RRP: £5.99
Available 26 September 2011

'Valediction' is the debut EP from David Lemaitre showcasing the lo-fi electronics, intricate guitar and delicate vocals which he uses to blend together modern electronica and folk. Lemaitre is joined by Philipp the Orchestra, a Berlin musician who plays cello, dulcimer and flute among many other instruments.

The five tracks that make up this EP are different in flavour and provide an interesting taste of what is to come from the artist's debut album, due out later this year (2011).

We start off with 'Six Years'. This is an excellent way to open this EP and has an instrumental break segment that sounded very much like a Coldplay track.

'The Incredible Airplane Party' has a retro pop vibe to it.

'Jacques Cousteau' is a mellow track, nothing overly exciting, but interesting enough.

'In Your Own Sweet Way' opens with a beautiful guitar riff that slowly builds into this EP's most beautiful track. This is another track that sounds very much like a Coldplay song.

'Valediction' again, opens with an interesting guitar riff that then slowly builds to become an interesting track.

This is an incredibly impressive debut EP and I'm very much looking forward to hearing the album.


Nick Smithson

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